Hello people!!! Yesterday I have been to the Cosmo’s Superblogger Masterclass, an event organised by Cosmopolitan UK, with Peyton Events at “The British Library” in London.

When I arrived to “The British Library”, I found the reception where they gave me the access to the wardrobe and a drink ticket.

At the first floor there were hundreds of girls, chatting, taking pictures, tweeting, drinking bubbles and eating mini appetizer and cheeserolls. All of us, we were so excited and we were all ready to enter the Masterclass.

When we got in, everything was pink, also the lights and with my great pleasure we found on our chair a present bag with a lot of nice products given by the sponsors, there was also a pop-corn pack inside!

Seated in front of us, really “of presence”, there were Louise Court, the editor of British Cosmopolitan, Path McNulty, Cosmopolitan UK Digital editor, Vicky Fogwill for Next, Andreas Pouros from Greenlight, Dominic Smales from Gleam Digital MD, Fashion foisgras and Rock and roll bride, two fantastic English bloggers.

The tips that they gave us were really interesting and helpful. They told us to be always honest and responsable with our readers and to be carefull to don’t let the readers misunderstand you.

We have to be careful about the images that we use on our blogs and to be scared about the hackers that can steal all your job! Can you imagine the anguish???!! 🙂

They also gave us many tips and suggestions about the digital platforms to use and about the photo-softwares to use for pictures and shootings editing.

It was a really nice experience, very insightful and full of interesting tips, the Gurus teached us how to grow a better blog and how to increase the numbers of followers and visitors day by day…I will go again, the next time for sure!

Thank you for sharing all that with us all !!!

After that I subscribed for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013…and now…Just keep the fingers crossed!!!

Enjoy!!! Love…Iri














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